The Program

The Internal Freedom Chart

Our program has been developed to help those in need.
Some people, young and old, believe that there’s no hope for them.
We want to show them their self worth and how to believe in themselves again.
The vision of Internal Freedom is to inspire others to become inspired to believe in the producer/product idea and the wisdom behind that idea.


The Life of a Smoked Brisket

When BBQing a brisket you need 2 things:

1. the brisket
2. the environment for the brisket to get cooked & smoked

The brisket will not smoke itself. You need start a fire in the pit and bring that fire to a specific temperature. That fire has to apply heat and smoke to the brisket.

But when smoking any good brisket, you run into the “stall.” The brisket stays at 160 degrees and orbits in this “stall” for hours.

In order to get the brisket to the “promised land” of 195 degrees, you have to constantly apply heat of 225 degrees to get it over the “stall” or out of the orbit. During that time, the cathepsin in the brisket has to break down in order to let the brisket continue to heat up.

Then the brisket can continue to cook and get to that mouth-watering done-ness that you want.

Same goes for a person.
A person who’s in unnecesary suffering will continue to orbit in it until the constant and correct amount of energy and information pushes them out. 

This takes them to courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance and reason. This gets them to their newly created vision, of what they want.

Internal Freedom Idea


My idea of a vision is a description of a stage that is considered to be significantly more enhancing and optimal than the current stage. It is a stage that cannot be approached without a fundamental change of direction, a change of world views, a change of the status quo, a desire to get out of orbit. 

Intuitiveness & Courage

It takes intuitiveness and courage to lead such a change and it requires instilling intuitiveness and courage in others. This involves more than persuasion; it requires the ability to inspire, to excite the captain, if the body and the brain is a ship. Unlike persuasion, inspiration evokes a willingness and acceptance to make sacrifices in the pursuit of greater objectives or ideals. Inspiration comes from the stage of being “in-spirit.” Therefore, visions that induce others to pursue them must be inspiring, causing others to be the captain of their own ship. An inspiring vision is the product of a creative act, a creative design. Inspiring visions are works of art and those who formulate them are artists. In educational systems, the greatest vision is going to unfold when the environment is conducive to treating the students of that system as the product to be enhanced, inspiring the producer of that product, themselves to be the best that they can be. 

Product vs. The Producer

When the product recognizes that they are the producer, the magic of inspiring visions can unfold, thus changing the artist, which changes the art itself, which changes themselves. The critical and important relationship between the producer/product has to be an integral part of the educational system to make art unfold from a vision. Without visions, there is no art, nor is there an artist. An educational system that treats the student as a customer instead of the product will treat the curriculum as the product, thus creating a huge problem. 

Internal Freedom

If the student is treated as the customer, then the currency of payment are their time and their soul, which diminished the artist, the captain and the producer, thus the cause of unnecessary suffering in a society. The vision of Internal Freedom is to inspire others to become inspired to believe in the producer/product idea and the wisdom behind that idea.

Hear Eddie Speak About Internal Freedom

Re-Wire the Brain


We have a bicycle where the handlebars are set backwards, so to make the bike go right, you turn the handle left. And vica versa.

It’s harder than you think. But once you re-wire your brain, it’s like riding a bike. Again.

Internal Freedom Chart

The necessary steps to understand, then re-shape what has already been taught.

These are the 5 steps of the program, the Internal Freedom Chart. Click a step below to learn more.

1. Vision

What is the vision of the person?
What is the art?

The person cannot move forward until this has been decided for themselves.

Without the vision, the person stays stuck in orbit. Orbit of feeling:

  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Apathy
  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Addiction
  • Anger
2. Tipping Point

What can cause this tipping point, to take the person out of orbit, emotionally?

  • Intuitiveness
  • Curious
3. Product

What product have they become? How do they become the producer instead?

4. What Questions to Ask?

What questions need to be asked to get the person to think differently?

We want them to synthesize, not analyze.

5. Apply Energy and Information

What energy and information needs to be applied to the person in order for for them to move forward? Out of the orbit of feeling:

  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Apathy
  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Addiction

Re-Wire the Brain


We have a bicycle barrel race where the riders ride in a figure eight pattern with an extra barrel in the pattern. And they have a co-pilot in the back. They switch places after the first round. Fastest time wins. Easy right?

Now do this while answering simple questions. It gets harder because the mind is trying to run through this “little bit harder” figure eight course. 

Once you re-wire your brain, it’s your new way of thinking.

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